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Pompous Jack is...

Dan Leap

Dan Leap - Guitar
Dan Leap is the founder and namesake of Pompous Jack. He originally was taught to play by Harvey Jett, ex lead guitarist of Black Oak Arkansas. Leap later formed JC Roxx and played gigs around the 5 state area. Dan has won many top guitar awards and contests, some of them landing him spots on stage with his idols. Dan has performed Every Rose Has It’s Thorn with Poison at Sandstone Amphitheater before an audience of 18,000. Click here to view the video:
Leap also got to play Smoke On The Water with Ian Gillan vocalist of Deep Purple at the VooDoo Lounge. Click here to see the video: 
Dan is also well known for his invention the Guitar Lamp owned by rock stars and guitar lovers around the world. Visit to see some of Dan's inventions. 
Dan recently made the cover of Man Caves magazine and has also appeared on national TV shows featuring his Loft, Guitar Lamp and his original song I Want It on HGTV. Look What I Did! Click here to see the video: and HGTV Story - Offbeat America. Click here to see the video:

Amy Carey - Drums & Vocals
Amy Carey is a Kansas City girl that most recently has been playing with the local band Intimate Domain. She will steer the Pompous Jack trio while also belting out some of her favorite musical influences, such as, Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Jackyl, AC/DC, KISS, Rikki Rokkett, from Poison, Elvis, Johnny Cash, and many more! Amy has had a love for music for years. She is also a huge supporter of local music! Amy has been on the production side of the stage with Pompous Jack for the past 10 years but is now sharing the stage with these guys! Regardless, of which side of the stage, on it or beside it, she’s honored to a part of the Kansas City music scene!


John Canterbury - Bass Guitar & Vocals
John Canterbury joined Pompous Jack in 2008 playing bass, sharing lead vocals and songwriting duties. In our song “Six String Dreams” he sings “I’ve been playing my guitar since the day I entered my teens.” John has been heavily involved in the Kansas City music scene since the 80’s playing in bands such as “AirRaid,” “Playground,” “Rock Horse,” “Savoir Faire” “Just Happy” and was in a side project of Dan Leap’s called “Big Happy Ending.” John met Dan through his wife Julie who had played with Dan in a band called “Crystal Messiah” in the mid 90’s.

John is a Pompous Jack of many trades. He is currently Director, Event Technology at the Hilton KCI and was a Merriam City Councilman for 4 year servicing just after Dan Leap's 8 years on the Merriam Council. He has been a Marketing, Events and Public Relations Specialist, a graphic designer, a stage hand and as a writer, contributed to Banzai, The Metro Music Journal and The Inferno Music News. John enjoys meeting, getting photos with and an autograph from TV, Movie and Rock Stars.

John has shared the stage with many famous rock legends such as Sammy Hagar & Bruce Kulick.


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